Memorable Comments

Some of the most memorable comments about me across Social Media

In a few years people will be tweeting excitedly that @Arijit_Student has followed them :)

— Daniel Situnayake (@dansitu) February 26, 2021

HEY #techtwitter !, This developer is only 14 and killing it with deep topics! Follow Arijit for more awesomeness!

— Moheeb Zara (@virgilvox) September 15, 2020

Young. Bright. And Enginerd. The future is forward ❤️

— Adam Benzion (@AdamBenzion) August 7, 2020

Creating low-cost, easy to use, sustainable technologies is the need of the hour! Meet @Arijit, a 14-year old who designed a pest detection solution for crops, using Deep Learning with Intel's OpenVino. Proves that one's never too young to make a difference. #TechForGood #AI4Good

— Intel India (@IntelIndia) August 11, 2020

You are an all star!

— Robert v2.021 dreams in candles (@fixxxxxxer) September 4, 2020

Our 15-year-old ambassador @Arijit_Student built an AI-based pneumonia classifier and detector using Edge Impulse, which can run on low-cost devices consuming less than 1mW:

— Edge Impulse (@EdgeImpulse) March 3, 2021

Arijit is a genius!

— Anita Macdonald (@AnitaMacd_Arm) March 16, 2021

You are very humble. We are well aware of your expertise and been following your work. You are incredibly intelligent in such a young age. Keep up the great work.

— Ajeet Singh Raina (@ajeetsraina) September 22, 2020